Dreamhost Hosting and GoDaddy Domain

So my first blog post is about how I setup up this site. I purchased my domain a couple of months ago from GoDaddy but due to lack of time I have not had a chance to set up my site, that was until my Christmas holidays.

The first thing I did was to check out what the best hosting plan for my site would be. After some deliberation I finally decided on Dreamhost. One of the main reasons for this was the amazing deal I got! On Lifehacker, I found a promo code for Dreamhost which entitled me to a 70% discount on a 2 year hosting plan which save me just over $151.

All in all it was a very smooth experience, Dreamhost allowed me to easily provide my existing domain and easily upload my site. The only sightly confusing thing was having my domain and hosting plan with different providers. It meant having to specify the Dreamhost nameservers in GoDaddy for my domain; the reason it was slightly confusing is that the GoDaddy interface is not very intuitive or pretty. Anyway I found the solution and maybe this will help others who encounter the same issue.
The solution was:
  1. Log into your GoDaddy dashboard
  2. Select ‘Domains’ and then go to ‘Domain Management’
  3. Then click on your domain, this will provide a small tab underneath the domain which says ‘’Manage Domain’ - click in this tab
  4. Under the NameServers heading click on ‘set nameservers’
  5. Then simply change the existing nameservers to the Dreamhost nameservers (Screenshot below)

Screen shot 2010-12-30 at 16.22.21