Chilly iPhone

A few weeks ago, the WiFi on my iPhone began giving some trouble. Initially it would randomly disconnect or have trouble trying to scan for and connect to APs, until it stopped working completely.

I tried all the usual tricks, reseting network settings, restoring to to a previous backup at a time when the WiFi was working correct - all of this was to no avail.
I did some searching on Google and came up with mainly the same solutions I had already, unsuccessfully, tried.

I then found a reference to sticking the iPhone in the freezer. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I turned the phone off, wrapped it in a tea-cloth and left it in the freezer for 20 minutes; unfortunately I forgot about the phone a 3 hours later I pulled a very cold iPhone from the freezer.

It booted no problem and low and behold WiFi was working! My guess is that it is related to a problem with some connector and the drop in temperature causes the connector to contract and fit snugly back to where it belongs.